When you complete your order, your order will be added to the my orders section on the my account page. You can follow the status of your order at any time from this section. If you have any problems during your order, you can contact us at info@ventulus.com.tr e-mail address.

- Your orders will be shipped within 5 business days from the date you order.
-Products are shipped with a Ventulus sheath and box.
- You can only cancel your order by informing us at info@ventulus.com.tr before the product is delivered to cargo.
- Due to any problem that may be experienced, the specified period may be exceeded slightly due to the intensity during the periods coinciding with New Year's, festival and special days. You can get information by contacting us from the phone number we have specified in any problems related to delivery.
- When your products are shipped, an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address registered in the system and your phone will be informed by SMS.
- Customs fees that will arise in foreign orders belong to the purchaser person / institution.
- The cargo company is responsible for any damage that may occur during transportation. For this reason, we kindly request you to open your package next to the cargo officer and make sure that the products inside are undamaged when your order arrives. In case of any damage to the product, ask the cargo officer to keep a record and do not take delivery of the product and inform us at info@ventulus.com.tr as soon as possible.