The brand which started with a dream in 2013 was established in 2018 by Meltem Sonmez. Its latin name 'Ventulus', which is indeed the brand's owner's name 'Meltem', symbolizes a kind of breeze that changes directions during the day.

The Ventulus bags are designed for women who can adapt to any changes throughout the day. Besides its daily use, Ventulus also goes well for nights. They are produced with high quality handcraftsmanship by blending dynamic colored leathers with experienced touches of master craftsmen.

Getting inspired by ancient Greek mythology, we have named each bag after a Greek Wind God, so this collection's motto is "Find Your Direction" The Boreas (North Wind God) bags in the collection - are designed in sharper lines and cooler tones, while Notos bags, one of the 4 different models in the collection, are named after the Southern Wind God Notos.

Our last collection is fish tail which symbolizes fertility and good luck. As in every bag, this model also addresses a story in Greek mythology.

Whichever direction the breeze takes, Ventulus as it embraces women in all aspects with its practicality and variety synthesizes power with elegance.