Embraces women


The brand which started with a dream in 2013 was established in 2018 by Meltem Sonmez. Its latin name 'Ventulus', which is indeed the brand's owner's name 'Meltem', symbolizes a kind of breeze that changes directions during the day.The Ventulus bags are designed for women who can adapt to any changes throughout the day. Whichever direction the breeze takes, Ventulus as it embraces women in all aspects with its practicality and variety synthesizes power with elegance

Inspıred By


Ventulus, which is inspired by mythology, backs up all aspects of women with its collections, qualities and diversity; on any ground, it combines power with elegance

High Quality


We work with most quality colourful leather which have soft touch. Our quality of leather guarantees our pieces are long lasting.

Also our metal accessories are produced with great care for Ventulus bags.All Ventulus bags are produced with high quality handcraftsmanship by blending dynamic colored leathers with experienced touches of master craftsmen.